You may ask yourself, “What would be the benefit of choosing to run a retrograded operating system?”  With all the different options offered today, it’s almost easier to just choose the newest thing and hope for the best.  That is a common mistake.  The general public is trained to think that newer is better.  Don’t fall victim to this lie.  Though it seems an easier resolve, newer doesn’t always negate better.  Think of a fine wine.  It’s quite clear that age wins out here.  Windows 2000 far exceeds its competitors in several different fields.  Though it is an older operating system, the IT benefits of being knowledgeable in Win2k are quite profitable.  Here are just a few attributes of Win2K to consider.


When Win2k was first released, people were skeptical of its processing capabilities.  Having 30 million lines of code (75% more than Windows NT 4.0), it was feared to be a nightmare for programmers.  It was thought that the operating system would be much slower in executing tasks, but the general consensus was wrong.  When performing tasks such as TCP/IP networking, file sharing, and mapping network drives, Win2k out-performed its predecessors.  Microsoft does not necessarily claim this, but some people conclude that Windows 2000 simply has a faster TCP/IP stack.


A long work day requires a stable operating system.  The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can create a plethora of headaches when you’re trying to run a business.  Most of us simply do not have time to be restarting our computers every few hours.

Unlike its competitors, Windows 2000 Professional does not need to be restarted every time you make an operating system change, and it certainly does not crash or have the hang ups of some other versions.

Like all operating systems, it does have some quirks, but in most cases you can close erratic programs by using the Task Manager.  Also, going back to work in the program that crashed usually doesn’t require a  reboot.  Overall, the stability of Win2k Pro increases user productivity and decreases support costs.


Windows 2000 came fast on the heels of Windows NT 4.0, and has a set of robust elements and file systems that provide key features for network hosting and management for Datacenter and enterprise servers.  Win2k, in my opinion, set the path for a more connected and streamlined way of sharing data, providing ecommerce solutions, networks management and administration with unsurpassed compatibility across multiple platforms (both new and old).  Win2k Pro set the standard for future Microsoft operating systems and how they offer network integration for businesses and end users.  It can be clustered with other Win2k servers to distribute the workload of high-demand processing across multiple CPUs.

With the data and information that we distribute today, and the speeds at which this information is demanded by the world, it’s important to have clustered servers and load balancing to supply this information with more speed and redundancy. In short, don’t fear the older operating system.  Learn the ins and outs of Win2k capability, and I can almost guarantee you will not regret your time spent.

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