5 Best Apps Made by Government Agencies

Now a day, it seems like you can find an app for almost anything. From saving money on groceries, to booking a flight to Japan, smart phones offer a vast source of information right at your fingertips. It’s no surprise then that the government has taken notice and produced handy apps of its own. Here is a list of the top five government apps on the market today.


Available for Apple products and Android, this app was the first high-performance app issued by the government that was available to anyone for free. NASA has always been well ahead of the curve in terms of public outreach, and their convenient app is no exception. Available since 2010, the NASA app features high def images of space, relevant news, and press releases.

U.S. Jobs

The economy has seemed to have found its footing again, but there are still tons of Americans looking for work. The USA Job app, for iOS, is an attempt by the Office of Personnel Management to help give you access to numerous job listings nationwide. Launched in 2010, the elegant interface is easy to navigate and enables you to custom tailor your search to specific fields, agencies, and locations. The app will also send you a notification when a new position becomes available. You can also get your resume on file and keep track of all of the jobs you’ve applied for.

WISER Wireless Info for Emergency Responders

This app, compatible with Apple, Android, and Blackberry, was made by the National Institutes of Health to help save lives. Originally designed for hazmat teams and other first responders, the app offers a searchable feature and information on many safety topics, including how to determine if people were exposed to certain toxins.

Ask Karen

Made by the U.S. Agricultural Department, Ask Karen is a fun and informative app. Karen, a digital food safety icon expert, will answer all types of questions on food and cooking. Compatible with Apple products and Android, the app also features a live food safety expert on weekdays from 10am to 4pm to answer any questions you might have.


While it’s not created by the federal government, this app helps you to easily search for government contract jobs and grants from your iPhone or iPad. GovConTrack can pull information directly from the Federal Procurement Data System and provide you with the latest government contract jobs in your area.
These five apps for your smart phone or tablet offer vast resources and are informative and fun. Whether you use them to study outer space, or simply find what is healthy to make for dinner, these top government apps should definitely be the next ones you decide to download.

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