3 Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

Are high speeds your passion? You’re not alone. There are many reasons race car driving is such a popular sport. The thrill that comes with vehicles reaching such high speeds is matching in hardly any other sport. It’s one thing to just sit and watch a race, though; it’s quite another to get behind the wheel. The average person, however, will never drive a race car in his or her life.

While you may be unlikely to drive a race car, did you know there are ways you can make your own vehicle go faster? While it’s not recommended to stomp on the gas of your souped up vehicle in an unsafe situation, there are plenty of safe ways to drive fast -- or even drive really fast. Read on for a few ways you can boost your car’s speed.

Performance Chips

If buying your own race car isn’t in the cards for you, one great way to help your car reach top speeds is a performance chip. If your car is from the 90s or later, it probably uses electronic fuel injection. This electronic fuel injection is controlled by a computer. With a small tweak to your car’s electronic fuel injection computer chip, you can enhance its power.

You can buy a chip that’s already programmed, or purchase a chip that allows you to program it yourself. Performance chips are versatile, so they can be programmed to make your car do almost anything. You can improve your gas mileage and horsepower as well as speed with the right chip.

Upgrade Your Carburetor

Most older vehicles use carburetors. As you probably know, cars use combustion engines. Carburetors mix fuel and air to create the combustible mixture that provides the energy for your vehicle to move forward. If your car is older, you may be using an older carburetor. This means your vehicle has lower horsepower than it could have, and that keeps you going at a snail’s pace. If you have a 2 barrel carburetor, try upgrading to a 4 barrel model for a big boost in your speed.

Strip It

Perhaps you’ve noticed that race cars don’t come with a lot of passenger seats. Commercial vehicles have a lot more considerations than just speed, so they are built with a lot of add ons inside. While these are useful for taking your kids to soccer practice, they’re slowing your vehicle down. A low-cost way to increase your car’s speed to to strip out as much of the inside as possible. Take out the seats, air conditioning system, and spare wheel for a big boost in speed. You can always put them back.


These are just a few ways you can help your car reach its speed potential. Learn more about your vehicle to find out more about becoming a speed demon without buying a race car.

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