Download and Use Free Hike Messenger App For Three Months With Airtel.

free hike on airtel
Airtel once again launched another special offer for its customers. In this modern scenario, Social Networking is very popular among the internet users. That is why mostly all telecom operators are giving importance to social networking websites and they are launching special offers related to social networks. Many telecom operators are providing free access to Twitter and Facebook websites. Telecom operators in India are also giving free access to some famous messenger applications like WhatsApp. The same thing is done by Airtel now. Airtel is offering Free Hike messenger for 90 days. You can download and use Hike messenger app on your smartphone free of cost. Learn more about this special offer of Airtel in this post.

What is Hike Messenger?

According to the definition of hike messenger on Google Play Store, "Hike is a new messenger that lets you send free messages to your friends and family! With hike you can message friends that are on hike and also those who aren't on hike too!"

How to start using Free Hike messenger on Airtel?

If you don’t have Hike messenger installed on your smartphone then you can get it and use it free for three months with Airtel. Just Type ‘HIKE’ and send it to 121 via SMS. You will receive a message in reply with the download link of Hike messenger. Simply download and install Hike messenger app on your smartphone and enjoy free Hike Messenger app access on your Airtel mobile number. You can also use this link to download hike messenger on your smartphone: http://get.hike.in/airtel

In this special offer you will get 15MB/month hike usage. If you will exceed this limit then you will be charged for that. The main thing to note is that this offer is only for prepaid users. If you are a postpaid Airtel user then this offer is not for you. Another thing you must know about this offer is that this offer is only available for Android and Blackberry users. Validity of this special offer is 90 days means 3 months.

I hope that this information is useful for you. Please share you experience and opinions about this offer via comments.

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