Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies of The World.

Mobile market is the one of the main part of business. It is 100 Billions Dollars market of a year. More than billions of mobile phones are being sold every year. Trend of smartphones brought the revolution in the Mobile market. With the inventions of smartphones specially Android smartphones, sales are rapidly increasing of the mobile phones. There are various companies in the mobile market, which are selling millions of phone every year. There is the cut throat competition between these companies. In this great competition some mobile companies are on the top and some of them are struggling. In this article we published the list of top 10 mobile companies of the world according to 2012 stats. This post is the part of our Top 10 Series. Before this post we also published other top 10 lists. If you missed these posts then you can check them now:

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List Of World's Top 10 Mobile Phone Companies.

1. Samsung Mobiles
Samsung Mobiles is on the top of this list because its phones hold the maximum shares in 2012. Its sales are 28 millions worldwide.

2. Nokia
With 28 Billion Dollars revenue, Nokia is also in the list of top mobile companies. It sales in the 150 countries from last 10 decades.
3. Apple
Apple is following to Nokia and Samsung with the 25 Billion Dollars net income. It is one of the most popular global brands.

4. ZTE
ZTE a Chinese mobile company is also in the list of top mobile phones leading companies.

5. LG
LG is also stands in this list over 116 million sales over the world.

6. Huawei
With the 19 Billion Dollars Annual income and sales in the 140 countries make the Huewai one of the most popular mobile companies.

7. Blackberry
Blackberry has 600 million dollars yearly income and standing in this list.

8. Motorola
Motorola is also in this with there products mobile phones, android smartphones and tablets.

9. Sony
Sony is also in the list of leading mobile phone manufacturers list with the annual income 6.4 billion dollars. Sony recently acquired the shares of Ericson to become the most popular mobile phone company.

10. HTC
Taiwan company HTC is also in this list due to there Android smartphones. Android smartphones helped HTC to boost their sales and its annual income is 1.3 billion dollars.
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