List of Top 10 Banks In India With Their Ranking.

Banks are the very important part of our life. We store our money in the banks and they keep it safe and also give us interest. By keeping our money in the our bank account, we become tension free because we have no fear of thieves. There are number of Banks in India. Means we have various of options to choose the best bank for our savings. But we get confused when we have to choose one bank for our savings out of many banks. Therefore in this article we published the list of Top 10 Indian Banks. We give the ranking to each bank in this list according to their popularity, turnover and various surveys. We hope that this article will help you to choose the best one for your savings. Read this article and share with your loved ones from the social tab on left hand side. We also published the Top 10 lists of various things. If you missed these lists then you can check them today.

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The Ranking in this list is created by the Turnover of each bank. Bank with the maximum turnover is on the top. This turnover data and number of branches and ATMs, is as on 2012.

What is Bank Turnover?

Answer: Bank Turnover refers to the amount of revenue generated from a bank for a specified period of time.

Top 10 Indian Banks:-

1. State Bank Of India
SBI is Established in 1806. This bank has more than 16000 Branches and more than 8500 ATMs. Turnover- 147843 RS Crore.

2. ICICI Bank
ICICI Bank is on the second position in this list. ICICI Bank has 1419 branched and 4644 ATMs. Turnover- 61595 Rs Crore.

3. Punjab National Bank
PNB is established in 1894 and has nearly 5000 Branches. PNB serves to 37 millions customers approximately. Turnover- 31207 Rs Crore.

4. Bank of Baroda
Bank of Baroda has more than 4000 branches and more than 2000 ATMs. Turnover- 25800 Crore.

5. Canara Bank
Canara Bank was Established on 1 July 1906. Turnover- 25792 Rs Crore.

6. HDFC Bank
HDFC bank was established in 1994. It has nearly 1500 branches and more than more than 3000 ATMs. Turnover- 24628 Rs Crore.

7. Bank of India
Bank of India was established on 7 September 1906. Turnover- 24500 Rs Crore.

8. IDBI Bank
IDBI Bank was established in 1964. It has nearly 900 Branches in India and more than 1500 ATMs. Turnover- 20838 Rs Crore.

9. AXIS Bank
It was established in 1994. Its has approximately 729 Branches and 3171 ATMs. Turnover- 19826 Rs Crore.

10. Union Bank of India
UBI was established on 11 November 1919. It has 3205 ATMs approximately. Turnover- 18501 Rs Crore.
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