How To Convert Your Personal Facebook Account To A Facebook Page?

Facebook is a number one social network website. Alexa traffic rank of Facebook is only 2. Mostly every person who is on internet have an account on Facebook. Facebook has more than 1 Billion users. we can estimate the popularity of Facebook from this thing. Facebook is changing day by day to improve the service, security and privacy on Facebook. Facebook few years ago introduced Facebook Pages for business, celebrities, company, public figures and brands. Facebook page is different than a Facebook Profile. Features in both of them are also different. Facebook's rules and regulations for a Facebook Profile and a Facebook page are totally different from each other. If you maintain your personal Facebook account for anything else rather than an individual person then you can face the difficulties because it is against the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. To use your Facebook page as a celebrity and for any business, you need to migrate your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page. It is very safe and easy. In this article we are going to provide you the step by step guide to migrate your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page. So read this article and also share with your friends from the social tab on left hand side.

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Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page

What will happen when you migrate your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page?

By Migrating your Facebook Account to a Facebook Page, Some changes will happen. These changes or effects are given below:

  • All your friends and followers will be converted as who like your page. 
  • Your Facebook Profile Picture will become your Page's Picture and Facebook Profile cover will be converted into your Page's Cover Photo. 
  • Your username will become the username of your Facebook Page. 
  • You can manage your Other pages as an Admin
  • But you cannot manage the groups as an admin. Because you will be removed as an admin of any Group.
  • You can migrate to your Facebook Profile by submitting a request. 

Step By Step Guide To Convert Facebook Profile To Facebook Page.

Download Facebook Data

  1. First of all, Login to Facebook Account and take the backup or download all your Facebook data by using following steps. This is for safety purpose. Steps to download all Facebook data are given below.
  2. Go to Account settings and click on the 'Download a Copy of Your Facebook Data'. Download and Save this file in safe place. See the steps as shown in the image above.
  3. After downloading your Facebook data, Click Here to migrate your Profile to Facebook Page.
  4. Select your business type from the available options on the next page.
  5. Fill some general information about your page in the prompt boxes then click on 'Get Started.'
  6. After that you will see your new created Facebook Page. You will also receive the notification regarding it and your Profile image migration. On that time your Likes will be Zero. But don't worry refresh your page and then you will see that all your friends and followers will added into your page Likes.
  7. Now you have all done.
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Now you have successfully migrated your Facebook Profile to Facebook Page. Add the information into your new Facebook Page. You can also take any file from the downloaded Facebook Profile data in the starting steps, by extracting .zip file.

We hope that this trick is helpful for you. Please note that we are not responsible for any kind of problem with your Facebook account.

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