Unlimited WhatsApp Plan For 1 Month On Reliance.

Reliance is one of the top Indian telecom operators. It is on the 2nd position in the list of India's top 10 telecom operators. Company has large number of operators across the country. The main reason of the large number of customers of Reliance is also that the company provide the innovative and interesting offers to its customers. These offers are like unlimited Internet offers, Unlimited Facebook offer, unlimited calling offers etc. Once again Reliance is decided to provide another interesting and useful offer to its customers. Reliance is now offering unlimited WhatsApp offer for a month. Reliance launched this offer by watching the trend of this app among the people. WhatsApp is a popular messaging mobile apps. This app offer us the facility of messaging as well as audio and video file sharing etc. In this article you  will get the full detail of this offer provided by Reliance. So read this article carefully and share with your friends.

Unlimited WhatsApp Offer

Full Details of Reliance Unlimited WhatsApp Offer.

What is WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp is the fast growing messaging mobile application. WhatsApp offers us the features like not only send messages to our friends as well as we can share pictures, music, videos locations and more. We can char with our love ones by sending and receiving free sms with WhatsApp. The main feature of WhatsApp is its cross-platform availability. WhatsApp is available on various popular mobile operating systems or platforms. It is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and Java phones. 

Unlimited WhatsApp offer by Reliance:

Due to the great features of WhatsApp explained above, Reliance decided to provide unlimited WhatsApp offer to its users. Reliance is decided about this offer due to the popularity of this app among the users. Now you can use WhatsApp application on your mobile for one month without any restriction in just 16 Rupees. You have no need to activate internet pack on your Reliance mobile number if you want to use only WhatsApp. So enjoy this offer and stay connected with your friends and relative through WhatsApp. Read the instructions below regarding, 

How to Activate Unlimited WhatsApp pack on Your Reliance Mobile Number?

  • First of all, Download WhatsApp on your mobile from your operating system store like Play Store, Nokia Store etc. You can also download WhatsApp from their official website whatsapp.com/dl
  • After downloading and installation of WhatsApp, Send a sms <ACT WA> to 53739 to activate unlimited WhatsApp plan on your Reliance mobile.
Reliance WhatsApp unlimited Pack Details:

You will get unlimited WhatsApp usage facility in this pack. You will be charged with 16 Rupees when you activate this pack. This packs is valid for 30 Days. This pack is available in all states of India except J&K. Also note that this is a auto-renewal pack. Means it will be renewed automatically after 30 Days. To stop this pack you have to manually deactivate this pack before its auto-renewal. Learn the procedure to deactivate this pack below.

How to deactivate Reliance unlimited one month WhatsApp Plan.

  • To deactivate this pack, Simply send a sms <dact WHATSAPP> to 53739.

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  1. Name: Himmat Bhati
    GSM reliance no: 09509905743
    My contact no: 9327610500

    Subject: wrong balance deduction on free watsapp plan of Rs.16/30 days

    Today on 03rd June,2013 i activated Watsapp plan for Rs.16 for 30 days and using it on watsapp application only downloaded from watsapp website. Still full day, 10paise is getting deducted from main balance. I called customer care more than 10 times and they all say 1 line repeated line:
    watsapp is free, abb balance nahi katega, aap use kijiye.. & some stupid customer care representative have even told me that watsapp is free but you have to take any GPRS plan for 30 days,, now what a foolish thing he told me.

    I have talked many times with RELIANCE CUSTOMER CARE for solving my problem but none is interested in solving. instead all say, "there is no wrong balance deduction."
    i am the pioneer reliance customer when it launched its 2 mobile: LG & SAMSUNG and i have more than 8 CDMA/GSM numbers & 2 reliance landline. Means a loyal customer and still being frustrated from reliance wrong deduction. I am not asking for any refund, but at-least solve the problem of wrong deduction as i was about to activate this plan for whole family in reliance numbers.

  2. i have activated whatsapp pack on 2nd june 2013. tried a lot but its not working on my android. which settings should i save in it? mostly i use wi fi at my office. so when i come to home i start using DATA mode. but whenever i open Whatsaap it says No network detected!!! help me with this

  3. activated whatsapp plan. turned on DATA mode. but when i open the app it says no network found! which settings should i save?

    1. Dear Suhas, Use the Reliance default GPRS/Internet settings on your mobile and then try WhatsApp. If you don't have the settings then read our these articles.
      * Get Settings on mobile via SMS.
      * How to do manual settings?
      * All Mobile networks internet access points list.

  4. Only messages are free,
    For images and Videos you will be charged, what a joke.

    Good way to cheat customer.

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Whatsapp was activated and 16 rupees were cut from balance.. but I dont know how to start using it.. I switched on the data but charges are getting cut from balance because of facebook and bbm.. can u help with this?

    1. This is happening because Facebook and BBM and using internet in the background on your mobile phone. But don't worry, you can solve this problem. Just disable the background applications internet access. You can do this on your android mobile from the settings.


      From the home screen, press the Menu key, and then tap Settings.

      Tap the Data Usage option.

      Here you will see the list of apps using internet data. Click on the app for more details. You will find the foreground and background data used by app. To block an app using data in the background, just tap the 'restrict background data' option. Try to find this option here. You can find this by pressing the left side button from the home button of your android mobile. Here you may see this option.

      In this way you can stop app using internet in the background and save your account balance.

      I hope that this info is helpful for you.

  7. this feature is not applicable on android phones. is it right??

  8. same here THIS is the MOST useless Plan I ever seen when ever I recharge they deducting all my Balance and its not at all working in my Samsung s2 plus phone , I TRY to call customer care they always said please wait for 1 hour Sir network problem is there I will be solve in next 1 hour . I deactivated with in 2 day and most annoying thing is its reconnecting my mobile network every 15 minutes or so . BEST this is Switch to another network .