Android 4.2: A New Flavor of Jelly Bean!

Android 4.2 is Google’s latest update this year to their extravagant Android series. They are still calling it Jelly Bean though, nothing new in the name. They have spent a lot of time in the performance of something called Project Butter, and to my experience of Jelly bean so far, it really does make a lot of difference, even if you use this OS on a relatively old hardware, say Nexus. The performance is better than that of an Android 4.1, and much better compared to 4.0.

The first thing you will notice different in the Android 4.2 is the lock screen, which now has widgets with it. Swiping to the right will get you to your camera directly without unlocking the phone, or swipe left and you will open your messages widget, song identifier widget, etc. The clock on 4.2 is a bit modified as now it comes with built in timers and stopwatches, which you had to get from a third party before, so it’s pretty good to see Google incorporate that.

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The keyboard on the Android 4.2 has also had some modifications. Apart from all the great features that it already had, 4.2 how has Gesture Typing. This is a very innovative feature that actually allows you to slide-type your messages. So with this you can type your messages without tapping on the screen, all you need to do is slide your finger to the letters you want and with the help of its dictionary it will get you your desired words. And they have also created this whole bunch of emoticons names ‘Emojis’. They are large in quantity with various categories which help you express yourself in text messages.

Android 4.2 comes with wireless display options. It basically uses a technology called ‘Mirror Cast’ and it’s supported by the Wi-Fi alliance. This help you to project whatever is on your phone to a big screen or a Blu-ray player. Not a lot of devices have this feature at the moment so it will give 4.2 a competitive edge.

Android 4.2 has also increased their security with application verification, which basically verifies your apps after you download them and notify you if the app is somehow a threat or is not trustable.

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There is also a magnifying option that comes in 4.2. You just tap hold on screen anywhere and it will automatically magnify. This is really useful but somehow lags your overall experience so unless you really need it, it is better you keep it turned off.

One of the best feature 4.2 offers is the new Photo Sphere. This is a innovated version of Panorama, in which you can take a whole 360 degree photo of a place, cover all areas. This is a really cool feature to have and may come in handy for work purposes too.

Overall 4.2 is an awesome OS and people using 4.1 must upgrade to it as soon as possible.

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