How To Do Manual Internet Settings On All Type Mobiles.

In this article you learn how to do manual internet settings on all type of mobiles. Manual Internet settings on All Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, Chinese Mobile Phones. Read the steps carefully and do these settings manually. These are helpful for you when your mobile operator not send you internet settings. Here you learn how to manually do internet settings for all mobile networks including Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, Videocon, Bsnl, Idea, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Uninor, Loop mobile, Virgin Mobile and more operators.


How To Manually Create Internet Settings On China Mobile. 

Steps: 1. First Of all goto internet service or wap option on your mobile.

2. Then go to data accounts.

3. Click on any empty account or select other account which you want to edit.

4. Enter account name like, your operator name. then edit apn or access point name with your operator access point name for example 'aircelgprs' for Aircel Network. Check all Network's Access Points Here.

5. Leave remaining option blank and Save the settings.

6. Now Go back to WAP/ Internet Service Option And Enter in internet or Wap option where you access internet. 

7. Then go to settings--> select profile --> Select your SIM (Sim 1 or Sim 2).

8. Click on any profile then edit it. Enter name of your operator in Name option.

9. Then Enter home page url: 'http://www.hififun.com

10. Then select Data Account Name Which you have created recently (in the starting steps).

11. Leave all other option blank and save these settings.

12. Activate these settings for your selected sim and restart your phone. Some time internet is working without restart your mobile but in some cases restart is required so please restart your mobile after saving and activating these settings.

This is all about how to create manually internet settings on china mobiles. For any help, just leave comment bellow.

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How to Manually Create Internet Settings on All Nokia Mobiles.

Normally, On all Nokia handsets Your operator sends internet settings automatically when you insert your sim card on your phone. But in come cases if you not receive internet settings then don't worry here i am providing you steps to create internet settings manually on your Nokia Mobile Phones. Almost all Nokia Mobiles follow same procedure for internet settings. Read the steps carefully.
Steps: 1. Go to settings --> Configuration --> Personal Configuration Settings.

2. Select 'Add New' From option.

3. Select 'Access Point' for Internet Accessing.

4. Edit Account name if you want, Then go to 'Access Point Settings'.

5. Select 'Packet Data' From Data Bearer Option.

6. Then Enter in Bearer Settings and open 'Packet Data Access point' Option.

7. Enter Access Point of your Operator and save it if you know. For e.g. 'aircelgprs' For Aircel Network. If you nont know your operator access point then don't worry click here to open all mobile networks access points.

8. After that Select network type IP4, Authority type Normal and leave username and password blank.

9. Now Go back three steps. In 'My personal Configuration Settings Menu'.

10. Select the access point which you recently created and click on activate option. 

Now browse Internet freely. If not work then try to restart your phone.

Note: Please enter access point name correctly as it shown in all network access points list without any mistake. It is case sensitive. So enter capital and small letters carefully. 

If any problem don't forgot to ask us by comments.

How to Manually Create Internet Settings on All Samsung, LG,  Sony, Micromax, S60, S40 and Android Mobiles.

Internet Settings are same on every handset. Internet settings are depends on access points or APNs. You can create settings by adding the correct access point of your operator. To Enter internet settings manually on these phones Go to settings Internet Settings/Wireless and Networks Got to APN/ Mobile Networks then add new with any name but access point or APN must be correct. Save settings and activate or select them for use. Restart your phone and Enjoy Internet Surfing. Check all Network's Access Points Here.

Note: For any other mobile settings/ specially your mobile manually settings just leave your comment bellow.

I hope this information is helpful for you.


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  2. Dear Krunal, Go to Internet Service on your mobile or in network settings and Add new data account with name Virgin and apn="vinterent.in" save the data account and go to internet settings and add new account with name Virgin, Home page www.hififun.com and select data account virgin which you create first. save the settings and enjoy internet on your mobile.

  3. nokia x2-01 reliance gprs setting, so that it supports whatsapp

  4. Follow the Nokia Manual Settings given above. These will work on your Nokia X2-01.

  5. Nokia X2-01 reliance gprs settings so that it wis compatible with whatsapp.