The Difference Between Mini Computers, Main Frame Computers And Micro Computer?

Mini Computers

These computers are faster operations and accept all kinds of high-level languages​​. Mini computers less storage capacity than the main frame computer with a general purpose computer system are performed. These computers have a CPU speed of 2 million per some instructions operate. Recognizing these computers and these computers in high-level languages, all kinds of word length is 16 or 32 bit. These computers can support more than 20 terminals.

Micro Computers

Microcomputer using micro processors that are available are smaller in size. The CPU is usually contained in a single chip microcomputer. Microcomputer low storage capacity and mini computers and main frame computer slow rate of operation. Micro-computer video display units, printers and CD drives, hard disks as secondary storage devices are provided.

Mainframe Computers

The main frame computer systems are large-scale general purpose computer. Term key frames early computers were large in size and the necessary work at home has its origins in the frame. The main frame computers, large storage capacity of several million words. These computers are directly accessible by secondary storage devices. These computer systems have more than one CPU and can support a large number of terminals.

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