Using Tech To Trace Investment Value

There are times when it can be both fun and illustrative to track certain kinds of financial values over time. Especially since new tracking methods are nearly instantaneous in their real-time accuracy, and archived values can be organized however you want, there are all kinds of different ways for you to see major and minor trends when it comes to the illusory concept of “value.” To show just a few of the ways that you can make this data work for you, look into some of the analytical possibilities with regard to the housing market, the stock market, and the relative value of currency.

The Housing Market        

Researching the value of the housing market and researching U.S. household value net worth are interesting ways to look at data trends for the housing industry. On the one hand, the numbers can be very exact, because they’re extrapolated from actual physical data sets. On the other hand, when you start crunching percentages over time with reference to potential value based on more imaginary numbers, or just financial strategies and planning assemblies, than you’ll get a much different picture. Framing is essential when approaching a topic as broad and diverse as housing finance, so be sure to understand the motivations of the people you plan on talking to.

The Stock Market     

Researching stock market analysis is another great way to begin understanding about investment value. It can be approached a little bit more straightforward than other more abstract financial considerations. There are lots of mobile apps that can help you track your investments as well. In addition, if you have a stock broker that you can trust, he or she can explain to you in great detail the risks and rewards that come along with placing your money in the stock market during different parts of the financial cycle.

The Relative Value of Currency

The relative value of currency around the world is also an interesting subject when it comes to exploring the idea of money. How much is the dollar worth against the ruble? How much is the Euro worth against the Yen? There are financial conversion sites that give you up-to-the-minute accuracy, and it’s pretty amazing thinking about how anyone could really come up with those numbers in the first place. It’s actually possible to make money simply by converting your money from one form to another at different times of the year. That barely makes any logical sense, but people use it to their advantage very effectively once they understand how all the conversions work. On a small scale, you could even try it some time to see what happens, and see if you come out in the black!

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5 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

In a world where more and more people are attached to their smart phones like glue, businesses are turning their attention away from traditional marketing methods and focusing on mobile strategies. For many small businesses, it can be tough to keep up with ever-changing technologies and marketing trends. However, lots of business owners are discovering that they can easily seek out their target markets by utilizing mobile marketing techniques. Here are five tips to get the most out of mobile marketing for your small business.
  1.   Launch a Mobile-friendly Version of Your Company Website
To target potential consumers on the go, make your company’s website compatible with mobile electronics, including tablets and smart phones. You can do this by creating a site through a platform that offers both web and mobile versions. Limit the amount of data on your site for quick uploads for distracted users.
  1.   Keep It Simple
Mobile users are best targeted using simple apps and call to actions that are simple to navigate, including “Download Now” or “Tap to Explore.” Your app should be streamlined with busy consumers in mind and help them find what they are looking for in a quick and effective manner.
  1.   Use Text Message Marketing Wisely
Mobile shoppers do not want their personal space invaded by marketing texts from brands. Studies have shown that mobile subscribers respond best to specials that are limited quantity or only offered for a limited time. By making your consumers feel like they are part of an exclusive offer, they will be more likely to respond to your campaign and buy your products or services. With more than 320 million wireless subscribers in America, SMS text message marketing is a great way to find new customers.
  1.   Utilize Social Media Apps
Almost one-fourth of the global population uses social media apps. Tap into this well by using smart mobile marketing strategies on social networking platforms via real-time mobile updates. To unite all of your different accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, use a social media hub where people can easily find all of your different social accounts and follow relevant streams in real-time.
  1.   Make It Live
Your mobile marketing methods need to be built from the ground up for the most efficiency. Ensure that your business is taking full advantage of the medium to get optimal results. This includes streaming promotions, events, and updates in real-time, engaging followers, and keeping track of analytics.

By using mobile marketing, you can expand your brand’s presence, get more followers, and increase revenue. Follow the aforementioned tips to boost your small business’s marketing results and gain more potential customers.

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What exactly is IT?  Information technology (IT) refers to the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems.  IT has the ability to assist you with the use of electronics and software programs to protect, store, or transmit information securely. Information technology provides a handy tool for any small business to utilize when organizing the mounds of potential paperwork that inevitably come along with managing your own business.  It’s here to help!  You may just find that resource management, demand management, and capacity planning have never been easier when you have the proper software programs to run your business smoothly.

When you think of demand management, you should envision the ultimate “to do” list.  IT software creates an easy solution to aggregate and understand all of your incoming work.  Projects, enhancements, and any side work your company is currently responsible for can easily be managed and sorted with the proper software management programs.  Demand portfolio optimization tools will allow you to lasso your incoming demands and align them with your personal business goals.

As the head of your own business, your resources are your lifeline.  It’s essential that you keep your resources carefully monitored to avoid resource contention among your employees and clients.  A capacity planner application provides you with a what-if analysis, allowing you to more accurately predict how long a project will take to complete and when you might be able to begin.

Resource management is how you handle the day to day affairs of your business, according to the SBA website..  A well-rounded business management program will provide you with allocation tools.  Your team manager will have the ability to proficiently assign tasks to individuals without causing an overload on any one employee.  Scheduling, payroll, reports, and task completion monitoring can all be accessed and manipulated with the click of a mouse.  This will provide your company a smooth, hassle-free, monitoring and disbursement of responsibilities.  
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You may ask yourself, “What would be the benefit of choosing to run a retrograded operating system?”  With all the different options offered today, it’s almost easier to just choose the newest thing and hope for the best.  That is a common mistake.  The general public is trained to think that newer is better.  Don’t fall victim to this lie.  Though it seems an easier resolve, newer doesn’t always negate better.  Think of a fine wine.  It’s quite clear that age wins out here.  Windows 2000 far exceeds its competitors in several different fields.  Though it is an older operating system, the IT benefits of being knowledgeable in Win2k are quite profitable.  Here are just a few attributes of Win2K to consider.


When Win2k was first released, people were skeptical of its processing capabilities.  Having 30 million lines of code (75% more than Windows NT 4.0), it was feared to be a nightmare for programmers.  It was thought that the operating system would be much slower in executing tasks, but the general consensus was wrong.  When performing tasks such as TCP/IP networking, file sharing, and mapping network drives, Win2k out-performed its predecessors.  Microsoft does not necessarily claim this, but some people conclude that Windows 2000 simply has a faster TCP/IP stack.


A long work day requires a stable operating system.  The dreaded Blue Screen of Death can create a plethora of headaches when you’re trying to run a business.  Most of us simply do not have time to be restarting our computers every few hours.

Unlike its competitors, Windows 2000 Professional does not need to be restarted every time you make an operating system change, and it certainly does not crash or have the hang ups of some other versions.

Like all operating systems, it does have some quirks, but in most cases you can close erratic programs by using the Task Manager.  Also, going back to work in the program that crashed usually doesn’t require a  reboot.  Overall, the stability of Win2k Pro increases user productivity and decreases support costs.


Windows 2000 came fast on the heels of Windows NT 4.0, and has a set of robust elements and file systems that provide key features for network hosting and management for Datacenter and enterprise servers.  Win2k, in my opinion, set the path for a more connected and streamlined way of sharing data, providing ecommerce solutions, networks management and administration with unsurpassed compatibility across multiple platforms (both new and old).  Win2k Pro set the standard for future Microsoft operating systems and how they offer network integration for businesses and end users.  It can be clustered with other Win2k servers to distribute the workload of high-demand processing across multiple CPUs.

With the data and information that we distribute today, and the speeds at which this information is demanded by the world, it’s important to have clustered servers and load balancing to supply this information with more speed and redundancy. In short, don’t fear the older operating system.  Learn the ins and outs of Win2k capability, and I can almost guarantee you will not regret your time spent.
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3 Ways to Make Your Car Go Faster

Are high speeds your passion? You’re not alone. There are many reasons race car driving is such a popular sport. The thrill that comes with vehicles reaching such high speeds is matching in hardly any other sport. It’s one thing to just sit and watch a race, though; it’s quite another to get behind the wheel. The average person, however, will never drive a race car in his or her life.

While you may be unlikely to drive a race car, did you know there are ways you can make your own vehicle go faster? While it’s not recommended to stomp on the gas of your souped up vehicle in an unsafe situation, there are plenty of safe ways to drive fast -- or even drive really fast. Read on for a few ways you can boost your car’s speed.

Performance Chips

If buying your own race car isn’t in the cards for you, one great way to help your car reach top speeds is a performance chip. If your car is from the 90s or later, it probably uses electronic fuel injection. This electronic fuel injection is controlled by a computer. With a small tweak to your car’s electronic fuel injection computer chip, you can enhance its power.

You can buy a chip that’s already programmed, or purchase a chip that allows you to program it yourself. Performance chips are versatile, so they can be programmed to make your car do almost anything. You can improve your gas mileage and horsepower as well as speed with the right chip.

Upgrade Your Carburetor

Most older vehicles use carburetors. As you probably know, cars use combustion engines. Carburetors mix fuel and air to create the combustible mixture that provides the energy for your vehicle to move forward. If your car is older, you may be using an older carburetor. This means your vehicle has lower horsepower than it could have, and that keeps you going at a snail’s pace. If you have a 2 barrel carburetor, try upgrading to a 4 barrel model for a big boost in your speed.

Strip It

Perhaps you’ve noticed that race cars don’t come with a lot of passenger seats. Commercial vehicles have a lot more considerations than just speed, so they are built with a lot of add ons inside. While these are useful for taking your kids to soccer practice, they’re slowing your vehicle down. A low-cost way to increase your car’s speed to to strip out as much of the inside as possible. Take out the seats, air conditioning system, and spare wheel for a big boost in speed. You can always put them back.


These are just a few ways you can help your car reach its speed potential. Learn more about your vehicle to find out more about becoming a speed demon without buying a race car.

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5 Best Apps Made by Government Agencies

Now a day, it seems like you can find an app for almost anything. From saving money on groceries, to booking a flight to Japan, smart phones offer a vast source of information right at your fingertips. It’s no surprise then that the government has taken notice and produced handy apps of its own. Here is a list of the top five government apps on the market today.


Available for Apple products and Android, this app was the first high-performance app issued by the government that was available to anyone for free. NASA has always been well ahead of the curve in terms of public outreach, and their convenient app is no exception. Available since 2010, the NASA app features high def images of space, relevant news, and press releases.

U.S. Jobs

The economy has seemed to have found its footing again, but there are still tons of Americans looking for work. The USA Job app, for iOS, is an attempt by the Office of Personnel Management to help give you access to numerous job listings nationwide. Launched in 2010, the elegant interface is easy to navigate and enables you to custom tailor your search to specific fields, agencies, and locations. The app will also send you a notification when a new position becomes available. You can also get your resume on file and keep track of all of the jobs you’ve applied for.

WISER Wireless Info for Emergency Responders

This app, compatible with Apple, Android, and Blackberry, was made by the National Institutes of Health to help save lives. Originally designed for hazmat teams and other first responders, the app offers a searchable feature and information on many safety topics, including how to determine if people were exposed to certain toxins.

Ask Karen

Made by the U.S. Agricultural Department, Ask Karen is a fun and informative app. Karen, a digital food safety icon expert, will answer all types of questions on food and cooking. Compatible with Apple products and Android, the app also features a live food safety expert on weekdays from 10am to 4pm to answer any questions you might have.


While it’s not created by the federal government, this app helps you to easily search for government contract jobs and grants from your iPhone or iPad. GovConTrack can pull information directly from the Federal Procurement Data System and provide you with the latest government contract jobs in your area.
These five apps for your smart phone or tablet offer vast resources and are informative and fun. Whether you use them to study outer space, or simply find what is healthy to make for dinner, these top government apps should definitely be the next ones you decide to download.

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5 Best iPhone and Android Apps for Recovering Alcoholics

Drinking plays a big part in most people's social circles, and while some people have little problem keeping their drinking at a reasonable level, there are millions of people across the country that suffer from alcoholism. According to the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, for those 16.6 million adults ages 18 and up, a full 7 percent of those who drink had an AUD in 2013. Overcoming alcoholism can be an extremely difficult task, often requiring rehab and tremendous individual effort. One of the new tools recovering alcoholics can now put to use in their battle is the smartphone. There are several apps available to help monitor drinking levels and aid in the recovery process. It might seem a bit far-fetched, but there have already been positive studies surrounding apps in this area. Using rehab centers and support groups are still, of course, the most effective and beneficial for recovering alcoholics, but here are a few apps to help along the way.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

Available both on iPhone and Android systems, this app is based on the stress-management coaching of the guru Andrew Johnson who's been in the game of helping people for nearly to two decades. The app features a number of relaxation techniques and visualization tools that are designed to help with alcohol addiction recovery. It can be useful, whether the person has been alcohol-free for a while already, or is just beginning their journey.

12 Steps AA Companion

The long time popular Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) support group has come up with an app so that recoveries can access their help from anywhere.  Both iPhone and Android users can download the app and use its features which include a running sobriety calculator, all of "The Big Book" text, allows users to send and share uplifting messages, and even incorporates the use of social media.  Another great feature is a map tool that allows users to find the nearest AA offices and meeting destinations.

Biblical Encouragement - Alcohol Addiction 

Religion often plays a large part in recovery and owners of the iPhone can turn to this app for Christian scripture that gives them support and encouragement. Regardless of what phase the recovery is at, this app offers words of wisdom to help and inspire. One of the great features is the power to share favorite passages through Facebook, text, and email.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

Here's one only available on Android systems.  It's an alcohol consumption tracker that lets users count the drinks they've had that day, week, or month.  Someone attempting complete sobriety may not find this very useful, but those who are ready to drink can keep track of their blood alcohol level using the calculator tool. This app helps hold you accountable via social apps or email.  It's just one of several different alcohol tracking apps.

My Daily Journal

Writing is often one of the most powerful tools a person can have in any recovery program and this iPhone app allows users the freedom to journal from any location, and even add photos or share entries when they wish. They can write about what triggers usage, any emotions they have before, during or after cravings, and anything they need to get off their chest.  Entries can be password protected so private thoughts and emotions are kept safe.

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Technology of the Analog Clock

Technology is an amazing thing. Once upon a time the only way there really was to tell time was by how the shadow fell on certain types of clocks, like the sun dial. However, just like with any other invention, someone decided to build upon what was there and create a more useful product, this one being the analog clock.

The analog clock is a clock that have moving hands that point to different numbers, from one to 12, to tell what time it is. The little hand on an analog clock shows what the hour is and the big hand shows what the minute is, in case you’ve forgotten since most people have grown accustomed to digital clocks.

The Invention of the Analog Clock

All technology starts somewhere small, with just an idea. One day, someone decided there was a better way to keep track of the time through the day and they invented a clock. The first mechanical clocks and watches were powered by water and didn’t look a whole lot like today’s clocks.

Around the 13th and 14th century mechanical clocks made in Europe that weren’t powered through the use of water were introduced. However, they were too complex for general use and weren’t of a convenient weight. There were many people that built upon the creation of the clock, but the first person to invent what would be our modern day analog clock was a German by the name of Peter Henlein. He made the first clock that was spring-driven, sometime around 1511. It would take some more work in order to create a timepiece that would keep time, as this first one would lose hours over just one day.

Clocks of Today

From the basic analog clock, there was the follow of the pendulum clock, like that in grandfather clocks. There would also be the electric clock and the quartz clock. Watches give you choices like windup and battery operated.

The clocks of today, unlike that one in the 1500s, keep time quite well and most don’t seem to even lose minutes as the day or week passes. You can choose from the lovely analog clock, with regular numbers or Roman numerals, or you can go with the even more technologically advanced digital clock.

Many people couldn’t function without knowing the exact time. In the busy human life of the world of technology it’s important to always know what time it is so you can make it to work, appointments and meetings on time. No matter what kind of clock you use, whether it’s an analog clock in the kitchen, a digital alarm clock in your bedroom or the clock attached to your trusty smartphone, because of the drive of inventors, you can tell the time without determining where the sun is in the sky.
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